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You can charter a single berth or the whole yacht. In berth charter the yacht will be sailed by one of our skippers, in yachtcharter you have the ability to sail a specific trip of out schedule. If you book early there might be the ability to suit the trip to your wishes.

berth charter

350,- Euro / week plus ship rations*
300,- Euro for the third and further weeks.


ARC-berth charter

1700,- Euro / berth plus ship rations* and proportionate charge for the race


Euro 1950,- for one week
Euro 3850,- for two weeks
Euro 5700,- for three weeks
for four weeks
Euro 9000,- for 5 weeks

Special Offers

Rates for young people and students

For young people and students with booking until 31.12.2006:
berthcharter: 200,- Euro / week + ship rations*
ARC 2006: 900,- Euro + ship rations* + proportionate charge for the race

Discount for regular customers

each time 50,- Euro / week discount for all saile allready with the Leon De Mar


10 % discountfor the mediation of new customers.

Special offer for the cruis 'Atlantik 1' from Havanna to Horta, Acores

For this four week cruise we have a special price offer! The one with the first binding booking get the cruise for free, the second has to pay 500,- euro, each further pays 1000,- euro.

*Costs for living, fuel, harbour fees, gas, etc. The costs are between 75,- to 150,- Euro, depending on area and the way of living on the boat. With more than three people on bord the skipper doesn't pay ship rations.

If you have any questions please send an email to
Jürgen Brenner or to Matthias Schierhold
We will answer all enquiries shortly.

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Yachtcharter Nordsee - Dr. Juergen Brenner - Herbartstr. 22 - 26122 Oldenburg
E-Mail: Jürgen Brenner