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Yacht Charter & Berth Charter on SY LEON DE MAR

To explore beautiful sailing areas, Teamwork on a boat - sailing alows us to have individual views on visited countries and combining it with sportiv and naturelike travelling. Of course the main point is the sailing. In a relaxed manner we explore unknown bays, we do sail training and we go on long distance sailing - alway to find the impressive event of sailing.

Charter a berth or a whole boat? We give you both possibilities.

Our sailing trips are offered as berth charter or as yacht charter. In berth charter the LEON DE MAR is sailed by one of our experienced skippers, in yacht charter you have the the possibility to plan your holiday by your own and with your own crew.

Berth charter

Berth charter is becomming more and more common. It allows you to make new friends and to collect high value experiences in sailing. Also, because of our experienced skippers, it comes with a high degree in security.

Sailing in berth charter is a active holiday. Everybody is responsible for a good holiday and teamwork is very important. The work on bord is done by everyone.

Experience in Sailing is not a must, but of course at long distance sailing it is quiet helpfull. But the most sailing trips are also suited for beginners. Mostly we sail during the day and during the night we go into a harbour or in a nice bay. The datailed plan for the sailing trip is planned by all, only the final harbour is fixed, of course.

Charter your own boat

You want to sail on your own with your friends? In this case you can charter the LEON DE MAR by your own. We supply you with a highly equiped cruising yacht and you can sail in your favorite area. Have a look in our schedule. If you book early you have the free choice(*). And another advantage: you don't have to sail back.



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